Our dough takes a minimum of 3-days to create, using a slow shaping and fermentation process. Taking a departure from the classic Neapolitan style pizzas, we use a levain sourdough starter. Bread is a living entity, so we prefer the ecosystem of our dough to be diverse and complex. All together, our natural Italian flour & wild yeast forms a Euro-wheat sourdough. 

“I love using starters as opposed to yeast because you get so much more complexity of flavor,” says Executive Chef Paul Kulik. “A starter picks up all the other micro-flora, so there’s all these other secondary fermentations taking place.”

  • TERRENO | mushroom sauce
    mushrooms, brussels, crispy potato

  • MARGHERITA | red sauce
    fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil

  • PEPPERONE | red sauce
    spicy salami, oregano, tomatoes, mozzarella

  • FINNOCHIONA | red sauce
    fennel sausage, tomato, garlic oil, mozzarella

  • VERDE | white sauce
    asparagus, fontina, basil, ricotta, black pepper

  • FRITTI | red sauce
    pancetta, mozzarella, olives, tomato, arugula

  • SPINTO | red sauce
    spicy sausage, calabrian chili, tomato, mozzarella, garlic oil
  • POLLASTRO | white sauce
    broccolini, chicken legs, olive oil, ricotta, garlic
  • PARAGGI | white sauce
    crème fraiche, italian sausage, wood roasted peppers, oregano
  • UOVO | red sauce
    kale, pancetta, egg, tomato, thyme
  • BIANCO | white sauce
    fontina, parmesean, ricotta, mozzarella