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Crispy Crusty Crust

Our dough takes a minimum of 3-days to create, using a slow shaping and fermentation process. Taking a departure from the classic Neapolitan style pizzas, we use a levain sourdough starter. Bread is a living entity, so we prefer the ecosystem of our dough to be diverse and complex. All together, our natural Italian flour & wild yeast forms a Euro-wheat sourdough. 

“I love using starters as opposed to yeast because you get so much more complexity of flavor,” says Executive Chef Paul Kulik. “A starter picks up all the other micro-flora, so there’s all these other secondary fermentations taking place.”


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Super Savory Sauce


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Little Italy

Whether it’s a quick business lunch, a slow & celebratory wine sipping dinner service, or a don’t-leave-the-couch-and-get-properly-fed type occasion.

We’re that everyday Italian spot your Naples momma talked about. Located downtown in Omaha's Little Italy, stop by and say hello. 



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Food and Friends

“We put our craftsmanship as a high priority," says Kulik. “Not because we’re fancy, just because that’s the way it’s supposed to be done.”  Taking our food seriously, just not ourselves. Come have some fun! 


Paul Kulik

Executive Chef & Owner

James Beard Award Semi-Finalist, Kulik is also an influential Omaha chef & restauranteur of Boiler Room & Le Bouillon. Apart from long walks on the beach, he's tickled by his obsession with high quality sourcing, developing relationships with producers, and the total service experience. From being the first to usher in the local craft cocktail movement at Boiler Room, to transforming La Buvette, formally a simple wine-and-cheese bar, to the casual French-foodie paradise that we know now, Kulik has given McDonald's a run for their money & changed the way Omaha eats for the better. 


Ethan Bondelid

Operator & Owner

No one must have informed mini-Ethan that recess time was over, because Bondelid grew up to believe he could slowly transform little pieces of Omaha into adult playgrounds. Whether it be a salon, nightclub, cocktail bar or restaurant, Bondelid has a zeal for pushing buttons & boundaries to help elevate our experience around the necessary cultural utilities of a city. The brains & brawn behind Maven Social Group, Bondelid's blood gets moving whenever he's piecing together people & projects that help to make Omaha a more fun & interesting place to live.


At the heart & soul of everything we do is our oven. It’s a dramatic piece that sits right in the middle of the kitchen, It’s a center piece, not only metaphorically, but also with the energy and 850 degree excitement of food constantly moving in and out, it’s a big part of what we do.
— Executive Chef Paul Kulik